Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who Is The Professor?

My profile of The Professor, the anonymous blogger on Political Science 216, is online now. So is my complete e-mail interview with him.

The Professor loves publicity, so he's wallpapered his web site with quotes from it, links to it, hype about it, and gi-normous compliments about my work. I'd like to think he would've enjoyed my Pat O'Malley story anyway. But we're starting to look like book authors who blurb each other on our back covers. I promise, that's not why I wrote about him! (Professor: I appreciate your compliment, but sadly, magazine writers can't win Pulitzers.)

My story went to press before Seven Hills Mayor David Bentkowski sued The Professor and Scene over... well, I'll just let you read the Plain Dealer story about that. Bentkowski sued The Professor as "John Doe," because he can't figure out who the blogger is. I wanted to know too -- for totally non-litigious reasons -- and I couldn't figure it out either. But I managed to extract a few clues.

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