Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jeff Johnson's comeback is imminent; he takes first in Ward 8

Ten years ago, Cleveland Magazine published "The Rise and Fall of Jeff Johnson," a profile of the talented, charismatic former state senator that detailed his career and his conviction for extortion. Now, Johnson is on the verge of writing a new story about his fall and rise.

Johnson seems to have convinced voters in the Glenville neighborhood that he is rehabilitated. He's in first tonight in the Ward 8 primary, with 906 votes. Shari Cloud, appointed to the vacant council seat this spring, is in second with 614 votes, with 18 of 20 precincts reporting.

I've heard and read few complaints about Johnson's return. Lots of people who follow local politics seem happy that he's back. They remember his work representing Glenville on council in the 1980s, and they think he's a major talent who can add intelligence and energy to a quiet City Hall.

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Anonymous said...

Johnson seems genuinely humbled since his time in desert. Whehter the humility is but a facade remains to be seen, but it's hard to blame Cleveland voters for taking a chance on such a talented guy.