Friday, October 16, 2009

Kucinich, LaTourette practice trust falls, wear Snuggies on Jay Leno show

People who know Cleveland politics really well know that U.S. Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Steve LaTourette are friends, that they've worked together on bills and speak well of each others' leadership. (LaTourette defended Kucinich from his fellow Republicans in my Dec. 2007 Kucinich profile, "The Missionary.")

So when D.L. Hughley, comedian and correspondent for The Jay Leno Show, went to Washington in search of health-care common ground, he turned to the unlikely Northeast Ohio congress-buddies. After a few seconds of debate on whether health care is a right and whether we should nationalize any more of our economy, Hughley got Dennis and Steve to sing "Kum Ba Ya" together (with LaTourette on mini-guitar), practice trust falls together, play on a swingset, and wear Snuggies while watching Leno.

The interview took place in Kucinich's office, under an unusually large photograph of Kucinich and his famously young, crimson-haired wife.

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