Saturday, August 2, 2014

FitzGerald and the Irish woman: Who cares?

Soon after published its story about Ed FitzGerald’s encounter with the Westlake police, the social media snark flew back from Washington, D.C.

“‘She’s part of a delegation from Ireland’ could become 2014’s ‘hiking the Appalachian Trail,’” tweeted one DC reporter.

FitzGerald held a press conference, denied doing anything unseemly, and blamed the story on Republican dirty tricks. His friend says the same.

So the Plain Dealer article leaves readers puzzling — do we believe FitzGerald’s story? He’s giving a friend a ride, in the very early morning, she can’t remember where her hotel is, so they pull over to make calls.…

Who cares?

We all know a bit about sex and human weakness. So let’s assume, for argument’s sake, that FitzGerald and the lady doth protest too much.

So what?

FitzGerald didn’t break a law. He wasn’t cited for anything. The cop wrote, “FitzGerald and friend just talking.” How is an inconclusive police report news?

I’m trying to imagine how Ted Diadiun, the Plain Dealer’s apologist reader representative, will defend the story tomorrow.

Perhaps he’ll say newspapers aren’t “gatekeepers” anymore, that the Republican Governors Association and others were asking for the police report, that it was probably going to come out anyway. Again, so what? Opposition researchers often collect every piece of dirt they can. Their political bosses use some of it and choose not to use some of it. Just collecting it isn’t news.

{Update, 8/9: Here's Diadiun's defense of the story: "It is fair to question the judgment of a candidate for the state's highest office who allows himself to be put in such a compromising position." Sounds like he's saying the press should not just expose infidelity, but even the appearance of infidelity.}

Maybe some Democrats will close their checkbooks and ask why FitzGerald ran for governor with this police report out there. Maybe some moralistic swing voters will say a potential governor shouldn’t be in a parking lot with a woman at 4:30 a.m., whatever the reason. “Judgment questions,” the Plain Dealer calls it.

I don’t buy it. The paper’s story strikes me as a rather empty exercise in sexual investigative reporting.

Whether or not FitzGerald’s friend from Ireland is just a friend has nothing to do with capital punishment, taxes, schools, job growth, local government funding, or anything else the governor does. It’s just gossip. Who cares?


Anonymous said...

Trickey, you don't have a grasp on the gravity of this situation, and having read your previous interviews with FitzGerald, I'm not surprised.

You have some kind of a mancrush on him and can't manage to see how he's a danger to a region in need of progressive leadership that instead is getting self-serving political careerism with almost nothing of substance.

FitzGerald has been running as the holier-than-thou candidate. Have you seen ANY of the PD's glowing profiles on him? You'd think he's a cross between an alterboy and Pope Leo.

That fake reality is all coming apart at the seams now.

He was parked in that car for at least 30 minutes, according to an independent observer who also noted it was rocking back and forth. At 4:30 a.m. in a secluded area with a hot Irish delegate, who I'm sure had a few drinks in her? And now people are bring in Andrea Rocco into the fold.

It's all very, very fishy, and his story is starting to fall apart, if you can believe what FitzGerald's buddy Nate Kelly told Henry Gomez.

You can't have a breach of trust in your public officials like this because then you wonder what else is being manipulated. Paging Mr. Dimora?

Trickey, you have very low standards. You'd do well in East Cleveland.

I do agree with your assessment of Teddy D at the PD. I'd rather have Fitz as our governor than him.

Erick Trickey said...

Anonymous: I don't think sex = a "breach of trust in your public officials."