Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roldo: Close vote near on lighting deal -- 'strong rebuke' to Jackson, Sweeney

Mayor Jackson may get his streetlight deal with a Chinese company through Cleveland city council, but just barely. It passed a council committee on Monday with a 7-3 vote -- but it's heading toward a full council vote next this week because it doesn't have two-thirds support for quicker passage.

Plain Dealer City Hall reporter Mark Gillispie predicts it'll pass. But Roldo Bartimole, on, counts 8 no votes and one abstention. So the LED lighting deal could be approved by a sliver: 11-8 or 10-9. That's very unusual in the Frank Jackson-Martin Sweeney era.

"The large vote against should be a signal to take another good look," Roldo writes. "This seems a strong rebuke to City Hall leadership. It means almost a majority of the Council couldn’t swallow this deal."

Roldo also notes that the $86 million plan to modernize Cleveland's water department passed by only 12-7. "It is a warning sign that there is little confidence in Mayor Frank Jackson on some very important matters," he says. "It also shows weak Council and Mayor leadership."

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Here are some more details regarding the deal, the company, products, LED Industry, technology, and why we should NOT being doing this deal, but instead opening this up and purchasing proven products.


Cleveland’s LED lighting plan – BOLD…but SENSIBLE? –
May 20th, 2010’s-led-lighting-plan-bold-but-sensible

Brian Cummins
Cleveland City Councilman, Ward 14