Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jail but not prison for McFaul, readers say

Hang over that badge, Sheriff. And while you're at it, hand over those keys. We're locking you away.

That's the sort of justice you, the reader, would've doled out to Gerald McFaul for his corrupt clambakes. My blog's poll asked what you thought of McFaul's sentence to a year of house arrest.

• 61% of you agreed, "He should've gotten at least a few months in jail."

• 15% would've thrown away the key, agreeing, "He should've spent years in prison."

• 23% said Judge Fred Inderlied's sentence of McFaul was "about right, considering he's in poor health."

• 0% agreed that house arrest was "too harsh" because "what he did used to be commonplace."

That leaves one question. Should McFaul have been sent to an out-of-town jail, to make sure he wasn't housed with inmates he may have incarcerated in the past? Or would it've been too irresistibly ironic not to stick McFaul in the McFaul Hilton?


Anonymous said...


Gerald T. McFaul would have served his sentence in Geauga County, not the Cuyahoga County Jail. That was mentioned in court by the judge.

Mark Puente

Erick Trickey said...

Thanks, Mark. That makes sense.