Wednesday, September 24, 2008

FBI searches judges' chambers

Channel 3 and are reporting that the FBI searched the chambers of two local judges last night: Cuyahoga County common pleas judges Bridget McCafferty and Steven Terry. The FBI confirmed that the searches are part of their probe of suspected corruption in county government.

Here's the Channel 3 story, and here's the story.

I've never met McCafferty, but I've seen her at political events over the years -- she seems to work pretty hard at increasing name recognition and maintaining political connections. She's been a judge since 1999.

Terry was appointed to the bench last year. Before that, he was the head of the county's Department of Justice Affairs. I wonder if the feds are interested in his work at his current job, or his previous one.

Update, Thu.: This morning's Plain Dealer article has more details: Terry is a political ally of Russo's; Terry's lawyer says he is not a target of the investigation.

Update, Fri.: The feds are interested in his previous job, the PD says.

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