Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on Mason

If you're trying to decide who to vote for in the Cuyahoga County prosecutor's race, I recommend Scene's cover story on Bill Mason.

I also recommend skimming the parts about issues you don't care about. It's nine or so stories crammed into one exhaustive one.

In the story's most heated moment, Mason refuses to talk with Scene, saying he knows it'll be a "hit piece." He chastises lawyers in town who he thinks are talking to the reporters.

Actually, the article is critical but fair, a comprehensive guide to all the major controversies around Mason's office, from questions about racial disparities in drug cases to his friendship with Pat O'Malley. The only elements with a "hit piece" feel are the title, "Bill Mason's Mean Machine" (named after a kids' football team he sponsors) and the scorching sidebar about Mason campaign donors caught in scandal and controversy.

Mason's critics will like the story, but other readers may decide they agree with the prosecutor on the death penalty, drugs, and discovery.

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