Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jones speaks at Med Mart meeting

One of the three county commissioners just talked briefly after MMPI's presentation at the library: Peter Lawson Jones.

He assured that the county will share all the project's plans with the public, since taxpayers are paying for 90 percent of it.

"The public is absolutely entitled to know, to participate at the highest level at every juncture, and we will make sure that that is indeed the case," Jones said.

Good to hear. But who does Jones mean by "we"?

No surprise: his colleagues Tim Hagan and Jimmy Dimora are nowhere to be seen today. They were also AWOL during the public forums Jones hosted about the Med Mart in the summer.

Do Hagan and Dimora think public forums are pointless? Do they not care what the taxpayers think? How cynical.

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