Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is the county wasting our money?

Is Cuyahoga County government inefficient? Is it spending too much taxpayer money?

The Plain Dealer's three-day series says it is. See its stories about the auditor's office, the treasurer's office, and social services.

Ed Morrison at Brewed Fresh Daily agrees. But Bill Callahan at Callahan's Cleveland Diary, a talented number-cruncher, calls the series shallow and says our county government is cheaper than Ohio's other urban counties.

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Bill Callahan said...

Erick, I didn't say that Cuyahoga County government is the cheapest among the big Ohio counties -- only that the PD's own published numbers show it to be the cheapest. As I wrote in the post, I have no idea what this really means. But it's a fine example of the perils of simple-minded "analysis" as practiced by Ms. Johnston and her editors.