Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The case for Kaptur, the case for Kucinich

The race between Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur race has gotten more hostile than anyone expected. Last week at the City Club, Kucinich basically tarred his former friend as a tool of the war machine. Now Kaptur's out with a new radio ad linking Kucinich to Jimmy Dimora. As Dimora's bribery trial nears its end, Kaptur blasts Kucinich for praising him -- seven years before the FBI raided Dimora's home and office (which is totally unfair) and eight months after the raids (which is totally fair).

As the mud flies, it's easy to forget what's really at stake in Tuesday's primary election. Voters in the new 9th district have a choice between two liberal congresspeople with very different approaches to the job.

In the March issue of Cleveland Magazine, I make the case for Kaptur and the case for Kucinich. From a bridge over Toledo to a principled stand on Iran, I take a look at what they stand for and explain their styles, strategies, and priorities. I think my twin pieces answer the question: If you vote for this person, what kind of representative will you get?

To read "A House Divided," my Kucinich and Kaptur pieces, click here.

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Unknown said...

As a former strong supporter and campaign worker for Congressman Dennis
Kucinich I must state why I am no longer supporting him and why I am
supporting Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

I worked on the 1994 Kucinich State Senate campaign against Anthony Sinagra
and the 1996 Kucinich Congressional campaign against Martin Hoke. During
those campaigns I came to know Dennis quite well. I had just completed a
run for Cleveland City council in Slavic Village and wanted to continue in
politics. In fact, I still hold the record for most yard signs placed
during a State Senate campaign.

What concerned me then and concerns me now is why Kucinich failed as Mayor
of Cleveland and still fails to succeed as a Congressman. The only common
denominator is his lack of people skills. He does not now {nor did he then}
have the critical ability to communicate properly with constituents, fellow
lawmakers and the media in general. Some politicians are able to "re-make"
themselves. Sadly, Kucinich has chosen not to and look what this has
resulted in for the previous 10th Congressional District.

On the other hand, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur reminds me of the type of
congressperson we desperately need during these troubling economic times.
She truly cares about her constituents. From the moment you meet her you
can't help but be struck by her well-honed people skills. She has
utilized these skills very effectively and look at the difference it has
made in Toledo and the surrounding area. On Tuesday, March 6, please
support Marcy Kaptur for Congress and help give the new 9th Congressional
district a start on the right track.