Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kaptur pulls away from Kucinich; Santorum, Romney close in popular vote

Marcy Kaptur is pulling away from Dennis Kucinich in the race for Congress. She now leads him by 9,000 votes in the Secretary of State's tally, after earlier results showed them very close. She spoke at her campaign party a few minutes ago, sounding very confident.

Kaptur is completely dominating in Toledo's Lucas County, with 95 percent of the vote. Kucinich is barely running ahead of Graham Veasey there. Cuyahoga County Democrats didn't line up the same way for Kucinich. He's got 74 percent of the vote here, Kucinich 24 percent.

Meanwhile, the Rick Santorum/Mitt Romney race in Ohio is very close, at least in the popular vote. CNN is going crazy about the tight results, with John King saying a Santorum victory here will have great "moral power." But this race is about to become a long slog for delegates, and Romney could easily win more of them here, since Santorum's less-organized campaign failed to file complete delegate slates in some Ohio congressional districts.

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