Friday, May 4, 2012

Bridge bomb plot case, Romney, Huron Hospital on WCPN Roundtable

I was on WCPN's Reporters' Roundtable this morning, talking about the bridge bomb plot case, Mitt Romney's drive to win Ohio, and the fallout for trauma patients from Huron Hospital's closing. 

We talked about the suspects' involvement with Occupy Cleveland and the activist group's disassociation from them now that they're accused of planning a violent attack. Callers asked tough questions about the FBI informant's relationship with the alleged bomb plotters and his presence at an October Occupy Cleveland rally.

Statehouse reporter Karen Kassler had just finished an interview with Mitt Romney, so I asked her about the challenges his presidential campaign faces and his focus on the economy as his top campaign issue.  She also predicted that Frank Jackson's schools legislation will likely pass the legislature, though questions remain about it among lawmakers on the left and right.

Plenty of callers were still concerned about the loss of Huron Hospital in East Cleveland, since its trauma center was a major destination for east-side ambulance calls.  (Cleveland has just released statistics showing it takes longer to get east-side emergency patients to MetroHealth or Hillcrest hospitals.) 

You can listen to the podcast here.

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