Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dimora in Vegas: the FBI photos

How ironic that on the first full day of casino gambling in Cleveland, the feds release their surveillance photos of Jimmy Dimora and his posse on their ill-fated trip to Vegas.

You just know that if the Big D weren't in federal prison right now, he'd have been the first VIP through the Horseshoe's door last night.  Instead he has his memories of his romp at the Mirage's Bare Pool in March 2008.

This is a redacted photo of the reserved area for Dimora's group at the Bare Pool.  I'm guessing the black box covers up a naked sunbather. Note Dimora in the blue tank top on the upper left.  All is well in the Big D's world. 

Dimora, Michael Gabor, Steve Pumper and a guy who didn't get charged with a crime, Joey Vinciguerra, leaving the Bare Pool.  That's Gabor in gray, Pumper on the left.


Looks like the FBI got a key to Dimora & co.'s suite while they were out. 


Dimora arrives at the Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio.  This is a still shot from a surveillance video.


Those casino-table cameras catch everything, from card counters to Ferris Kleem writing down the phone number of the prostitute he's sending Dimora's way.  Suzanne, I hope you've changed your number.

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