Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kucinich won't run in Washington State, prepares for activism after Congress

Dennis Kucinich has made it official -- he's not going to carpet-bag and run for Congress in Washington State.

Dennis's flirtation with Seattle always seemed like a feint, meant to stir up buzz among his West Coast donors and keep up his profile as a beloved figure on the national Left.  It's also a "what-if" he entertained because unconventional ideas intrigue him.

Now he's let us know he's not heading west.  He just sent out a message to supporters, preparing them for his attempt to become a national activist after his term in the House expires:

At this time, I can best serve from outside the Congress. My commitments to peace, to workers' rights and to social and economic justice are constant and are not dependent upon holding an office. They are dependent upon my continuing to stand up, to speak out, to organize... . This I promise I will do with great energy and heart.

... We shall meet again in our celebration of the potential of citizen activists to change the world.

... We will need to continue to work together for change outside Congress, as we have worked for it from within. This is just the beginning!

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