Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jackson on schools: disappointments, regional cooperation

Jackson turns to education and gets candid about things not going well: "Dr. Sanders" (the schools CEO) "and I are both disappointed that we're not farther down the line in providing quality education for all our residents."

Instead, the mayor mentions a few Cleveland schools that are prospering: John Hay high school, the single-gender academies, the Ted Ginn Academy. "Innovative strategies in place and already working in some of our schools should become routine in all of our schools."

He then calls for regional cooperation on education. I've heard him touch on this before, but not in this much detail.

"Education is a regional concern. It should be apprached in the same way, with the same vigor, as a regional economy." Students in all schools in the region should learn the same things and be held to the same standards, he says.

He calls for regional education funding, procurement, collective bargaining, accountability standards, and curriculum standards.

I hear that as a major challenge to everyone who wants regionalism for only one reason, to make it easier to do business (though Jackson talked about regional economic cooperation too).

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