Thursday, March 19, 2009

MMPI defends Mall site

We did just get some answers to the latest questions about the Mall site.

Another letter from MMPI just got passed out, responding to the Plain Dealer editorial yesterday summarizing the questions.

MMPI is putting out a lot of facts in response to Forest City's attack on the mall site. It argues:

-Yes, the Mall site exposition space is large enough, and Forest City's plan would actually have a smaller space.

-The lower ceiling problem under Lakeside Ave. is not as bad as Forest City claims.

-Public Hall won't be degraded, but restored to its original condition.

Update: Forest City did respond, holding an impromptu press conference in the hallway after the meeting and passing out a response to MMPI's letter.

Jimmy Dimora was at the meeting, looking glum and not talking except to vote. (Maybe he's feeling sick -- someone made a joke about him and Hagan being "on the disabled list" for a charity basketball event.)

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