Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Live-blogging State of the City

I'm going to live-blog from Mayor Frank Jackson's State of the City address today. It starts at 12:30. Please stop by during or afterwards.

Here's what I'll be listening for:

The mayor will talk about how he's balanced the city's budget without layoffs -- the question is, will that still be true a year from now?

When he talks about the convention center and Med Mart, will he embrace the Mall site? (If the county commissioners are smart, they'll have briefed him on the pivotal engineering study, to be revealed to the public this morning.)

Since last week's murder in Perk Park has unnerved so many people, will he talk some more about safety downtown?

Will he embrace the city's new domestic partnership registry, to try to stop the petition drive being organized to repeal it?

Will he say anything bold enough to make believers in the bully-pulpit theory of city leadership warm up to him?

Will he leave any opening for someone to run against him this fall?

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