Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peter Lawson Jones on the McFaul controversies

Should Sheriff Gerald McFaul go? That's the other big question in Cleveland politics this week.

Right now a headline says, "Jim Rokakis and Peter Lawson Jones expect Sheriff Gerald McFaul to resign within days."

Not so, Jones just told me. He thinks McFaul will wait to see if the special prosecutor's probe gets him indicted. Then he might make a deal and resign, months from now.

But should McFaul resign now? In today's PD, county Republican chair Rob Frost blasts local Democrats for not calling for him to step down.

Jones said some of the "host of allegations" against McFaul "appear to have the ring of truth." Combine his poor health with the scrutiny he's under and the allegations against him, "that would normally lead one to resign," Jones said.

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