Thursday, March 19, 2009

Med Mart announcement today

An announcement about the Medical Mart and convention center is coming this morning.

[Update: I was wrong about this part --]{It'll be the county commissioners' decision about where to build it, or the announcement of a development agreement with MMPI, or both.}

I'm live-blogging from the commissioners' meeting room, where Tim Hagan and Peter Lawson Jones just convened their Thursday meeting, then went into executive session to discuss a "land transaction item" -- they're receiving a report about the Med Mart project.

We know the commissioners want to build on the Mall site -- today's Plain Dealer story makes that clear. MMPI sent letters to the county and Forest City yesterday, making the case for the Mall site and against the Tower City site. I just got the letters, and they're very persuasive and definitive.

My questions today:

-Will anyone from Forest City put up a fight at this meeting?

-Will Hagan rip into the Plain Dealer again?

-Will Jimmy Dimora be here today? (He didn't come out for the quick start to the meeting.)

-Will anyone address the PD's skeptical report this week on the convention center's economic benefit projections?

-Or the remaining questions about the Mall site that came up in the Cleveland Planning Commission meeting this week?

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