Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dimora takes leave of absence as county Dem chair; Resign, says Redfern

Jimmy Dimora is taking a leave of absence as county Democratic chairman, WKYC TV 3 reported this morning.

"I want to focus on my duties as Cuyahoga County Commissioner and to also clear my good name," Dimora writes in a letter that went out to local Democrats today.

Interesting: Dimora's responding to the federal corruption investigation by saying he's innocent and that he plans to remain a county commissioner and keep voting.

That's not enough for Chris Redfern (2nd photo), head of the state Democratic party, who wants Dimora to resign as chair. He sent him a letter this afternoon telling him to go. It reads, in its entirety: "It has become apparent to me that your effectiveness to lead the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party has been irreparably harmed. Therefore, I am formally calling on you to resign as Chairman of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party, effective immediately."

Vice-chair Pat Britt, the Cleveland city council clerk and former councilwoman, will run the party in Dimora's absence.

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