Monday, June 8, 2009

How much time does reform effort have?

Update, 6/17: I got an answer to this -- the reformers have to turn in 45,000 signatures by July 13. The second round is to make up for any signatures declared invalid. See this new post.

The reform effort to create a new Cuyahoga County government has had an improvised, midnight-cramming-session feel, like a study group of procrastinators who've finally gotten together in the dorm-room lounge the night before the semester ends to try to ace the poli-sci final in the morning.

But they might get an extension.

It takes more than 45,000 petition signatures to get a proposed charter on the ballot. The deadline for turning in petitions is July 13. If the petition drive falls short, there's a second deadline, Sept. 4, for getting more signatures. Reading the law, {I think the reform effort could use this to buy more time. It looks like they could turn in, say, 10,000 signatures in July and 40,000 more in September, and still make the November ballot.}[Update: I was wrong.]

Or do they have to get 45,000 the first time around, with a second chance to make up for any signatures ruled invalid? [Update: Yes.]

I've asked the Board of Elections to explain. I'll let you know what they say.

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