Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dimora vs. Frost: now on video!

Curious about the confrontation between commissioner Jimmy Dimora and county Republican chair Rob Frost today?

Well, first, of course, I'd like to refer you to my blog post from the commissioners' meeting, posted this morning.

Also, has posted their exchange on video. They spliced in Dimora's kiss-off to the reporters who gathered to ask him questions after the meeting: "Clean up!" he growled.

Meanwhile, here's the Republican Party's press release. "Today, Dimora's colleagues..., Peter Lawson Jones and Tim Hagan, took great pains to point out the deep cuts projected in Health & Human Services spending in the upcoming state budget," it quotes Frost as saying. "How outraged will taxpayers be when it turns out that Commissioner Dimora was using the recent Health & Human Services levy as his personal piggy bank for gambling trips to Vegas...?"

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