Friday, June 12, 2009

The trip to Vegas

The prosecutors believe that a county commissioner and another elected official received a trip to Las Vegas in exchange for getting a contract for Alternatives Agency.

Here's another excerpt from the charging document. The section 1951 mentioned at the end is the Hobbs Act, the federal bribery and extortion statute.
KELLEY used the additional funds he received from Business 1 to purchase first class airfare aboard Continental Airlines for P02, P02's travel companion, and PO 1, at a cost of $1,268.50 per ticket. PO1 and P02 each gave KELLEY a check to cover the cost of the airline ticket to make it appear as if PO1 and P02 each paid for his own ticket. P02's check did not include payment for his travel companion's ticket. Upon receiving the checks from P02 and PO 1, KELLEY gave them back cash in the approximate amount of the check each had given to KELLEY. Business 1, through increasing KELLEY's monthly consulting fee, intended to pay for P02's and PO 1's hotel rooms in Las Vegas. Despite KELLEY receiving an increase in payment from Business 1 for this purpose, the hotel rooms were paid through another means.
On or about April 6, 2008, KELLEY telephoned SCHUMAN and said, "Hey, we're heading out now [on the Las Vegas trip]. The guys [PO1 and P02] wanted me to call and thank you." SCHUMAN replied, "Oh, I hope everybody has a good time."
On or about April 6,2008, KELLEY, POI, P02, and P02's travel companion boarded a Continental Airlines flight from Cleveland to Las Vegas.
On or about April 9, 2008, SCHUMAN asked KELLEY if he was back in town. KELLEY confirmed he flew from Las Vegas on "the red eye" the previous night. SCHUMAN then said, "Come on down to the Agency tomorrow. I got the rest of your money." KELLEY replied, "Oh beautiful. I appreciate it sir."
On or about April 14, 2008, KELLEY and SCHUMAN discussed the Las Vegas trip. SCHUMAN then confirmed that KELLEY had picked up his check from Business I and inquired, "We're all square right?" KELLEY explained that one month remained at the increased rate before returning to the regular rate.

On or about April 17, 2008, the County Commissioners approved a $250,000 contract with Business 1 for residential facilities for the work release program, PO 1 having performed official acts to secure this contract for Business 1.

All in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1951.

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