Monday, June 22, 2009

Where is the Professor?

The Professor, my favorite local political blogger, has gone missing. His blog, Political Science 216, has been removed from Blogger.

The anonymous, hilarious commentator has gone on sabbatical before, taking a break for a few months after the 2008 elections. In his last post, earlier this month, he said he'd be traveling Europe with his wife for two months but would return in August. Now I'm not so sure. An e-mail to the anonymous hotmail account once listed on his site just bounced back.

One possible reason The Professor has disappeared without a trace: Dave Bentkowski, the mayor of Seven Hills, sued him for libel last year. The Plain Dealer reported last Sunday (2nd item) that Bentkowski couldn't figure out who The Professor is, even after subpoenaing Google. But a judge has given the mayor permission to refile his suit if he ever succeeds in discovering his secret identity. "I have a plan for him," Bentkowski's lawyer, Brent English, hinted ominously.

Last fall (for non-litigious reasons), I also tried figuring out who The Professor is. I didn't get very far. Here's my profile of the cyber-masked man.

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