Friday, June 12, 2009

What do corruption charges add up to?

What do today's charges against J. Kevin Kelley mean for those higher up?

If "Public Official 1" and "Public Official 2" in the prosecutor's filing are Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo, then the feds are likely eyeing at least three possible charges against the county commissioner and four against the county auditor.

The prosecutor's filing suggests that Public Officials 1 and 2 went to Las Vegas in April 2008 and had parts of their trip paid for by officials with the halfway house Alternatives Agency and the contractors Blaze Building and Phoenix Cement -- businesses with county contracts that had recently been approved by the county commissioners or were pending before them. The feds allege that Officials 1 and 2 used their influence to benefit the companies, or tried to.

Official 1 allegedly got to use a condo in the Stonebridge development and use a limo 22 times in connection with the Stonebridge owner's purported efforts to hold onto the county engineer's office as a tenant.

Official 2 allegedly gave J. Kevin Kelley a raise and reduced hours to reward him for not running for mayor of Parma. Also, it's alleged that Official 2 got cash in exchange for helping a company acquire a subcontract on the county's geospatial information systems project.

I've added comment from Alternatives Agency and a lawyer for K&D to previous posts here and here. I've put calls in to lawyers for Dimora, Russo, Kelley, and Blaze and Phoenix. If I hear from any of them, I'll post about it.

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Ian Hoffman said...

Subpoena Dimorra and Russo's schedules and see where they've been lately. They may be wishing they'd stayed in Vegas.